The Yellow Kid, By G. W. Cox

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he very first modern comic book made, was known as the "Yellow Kid," and its arrival in 1897, generated the "Platinum age" of comics. It was published by G. W. Dillingham Company, and was part of a series that Dilingham did on American authors. This became the staple for future comic books to come, and even coined the name "Comic Book" on the back of the cover. But even before the "Yellow Kid", comic books had existed in what has been coined the "Victorian age", which started in 1837 with the comic "The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck" . It was published in several different European languages and even arrived in the United States in 1842. While several other comics existed in the Victorian age; such as "The Brownies: Their Book", "Harper 's, Puck, Judge, Life ", and "Truth" and were extremely popular in Sunday morning newspapers, there is very little knowledge of the comic books from this era in history, and is still being discovered, researched and recorded. In 1933, the Dell Publishing company started a new line of comics, the "Famous Funnies" comic book, which began with the release of "Funnies on Parade". The "Famous Funnies" have become widely accepted as America 's first true comic book. (“History of Comics - Platinum Age.” Wayback Machine). But it wasn’t until 1938, that comic books would dramatically shift to how people would view and read them in today 's world. In the fall of 1934, Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, an American pulp

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