The Yellow Ribbon By Pete Hamill

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Memories can last a life time, so we tend to only remember the extraordinary ones. Extraordinary like the essay “The Yellow Ribbon” by Pete Hamill, in which he talks about how a person named Vingo, was riding on a, bus recently released from jail, to this oak tree explaining to some passengers that he had told his wife to leave him if she wanted, since he went to jail or to go to this oak tree and tie a yellow ribbon around it to see if she wants him to stick around and he will go and check it out. In the end, he saw hundreds of ribbons tied on to the tree. Not only is this an amazing story, but also very unforgettable one as well, because he finds out that after four years in jail his wife has enough love for him to go to this tree and tie hundreds of ribbons just to show the type of love the women had for Vingo. I have to say that, I believe this story is truly unforgettable, but I also got a story that is very extraordinary, like the time that I got my very first car. Furthermore, I didn’t just get a car, I got the love of two truly loving parents. Much like Mr. Hamill and his story about love I too have a love story that involves not my wife, but my parents. When I got to the age of driving, and around the time to go to college I wasn’t expecting any type of car of any sort because I knew that my family just had enough money to get me into college. However, one week after I took my driver’s test and passed I was welcomed with a brand new 2015 Camaro. It was so

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