The Yellow River And The Chinese Nation

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The Yellow River is located in Qinghai, China. In the present day it is not very dense in population. It is a very high-altitude called the Tibetan Plateau. It is place of strong Tibetan and Mongol cultural traditions in present day China. The Yellow River is known by all Chinese people as the “mother river” (Wu). It is also agreed upon by almost all Chinese people that it is the cradle of Chinese civilization and the spiritual home of the Chinese people (Zhou). The Yellow River is the symbol of the Chinese nation, the spirt of the Chinese people, but most importantly civilization itself. The Yellow River gets its name from the yellowish color of the water. The water is yellow because each year over 1.6 billion tons of soil flows into the river, which causes the rise and shifting of the river bed (Wu). Before the damming of the river it was extremely prone to flooding which in turn caused millions of deaths. The Yellow River flooding is responsible for the deadliest disaster in human history. It is said the river had changed course twenty six times between 608 BC and 1938 AD and flooded of fifteen hundred times (Wu). The Yellow River is not what is used be unfortunately. With the decrease in rainfall in the Yellow River Basin and also increasing water demands for irrigation purposes the river has dried up annually since 1972. The longest it ever ran dry was in 1997 for 226 days (Wu). These annual droughts have brought many challenges to the regions agriculture
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