The Yellow Wall Paper

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Modern Lit. Essay #1
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They believed (along with society) this was the best thing for a person in this condition. John never came out and said she was going insane he just said she was stressed and needed rest. He actually told her not to think about her condition it would only make things worse. So for the few weeks they were up there she tried to follow his prescription except for when she would secretly write. It was a favorite passion of hers that gave her a break from societies daily stresses. In this time period women didn’t have as much say as they do now. Both her brother and her husband told her that this was the best thing for her recovery. She couldn’t say no when her husband was telling her not to write. I believe because of her surroundings that her husband put her in she went insane much faster. The fact that she couldn’t write and didn’t really have anyone to talk to drove her to start hallucinating about the women in the wall. The wallpaper in the room became one of her fetishes. “There are things in the wallpaper that nobody knows about but me, or ever will.”(Narrator, 534) It wasn’t just a small feddish at the end but a large portion of her day would be spent contemplating about the walls colors and designs. She even believed she could smell the wallpaper, throughout the whole house and even in her hair. Her mind started comprehending her as the woman in the wall. The woman was stuck in the wall night after night just like her being
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