The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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In Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s story, The Yellow Wallpaper, the setting is very symbolic when analyzing the different the meanings of this book. The main character in the story is sick with nervous depression. In the story, John, her husband, and also a physician, takes his wife to a house in the middle of the summer and confines her to one room in hopes of perfect rest for her. As the story progresses, it is made clear that confinement, sanity, insanity, and freedom are all tied together and used to make the setting of the story symbolic. The use of confinement in the story can lead the reader to assume a number of different things about the setting of the book. The couple moves into a really nice mansion that no one has lived in for years. While the husband could have put his wife in any of the rooms of the house, he chose to confine her to a room that looked like a nursery. The woman being confined to a nursery can lead the reader to assume that they are treating her as if she is a kid. The nursery that she is put in is not an ordinary nursery; the nursery has bars over the windows. The bars over the windows are very significant to the setting. This particular aspect of the room can be related to a mental hospital. Mental hospital rooms would somewhat be described in the same way that the woman’s nursery is described in the book. Her bed is also nailed to the floor. All of these features of the room that she is placed in give the reader a hint that this woman is insane
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