The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a poem about women facing unequal marriages, and women not being able to express themselves the way they want too. Charlotte Perkins Gilman was born in 1860, and died in 1935. This poem was written in 1892. When writing this poem, women really had no rights, they were like men’s property. So writing “The Yellow Wallpaper” during this time era, was quite shocking and altered society at the time. (Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Feminization of Education).
Charlotte Perkins Gilman was an extreme feminist activist during her time. Charlotte was a self- educated woman, and did all she could in life to help serve humanity. Her lover unexpectedly proposed to her leaving her completely torn about work and marriage. Being married at this time era, was being a housewife. Marriage was extremely traditional, meaning she would have to give up overall everything and obey her husband. This gave Charlotte a nervous breakdown, or in other words, she cracked up. Her treatment to fix her breakdowns were total rest because doctors didn’t know how to cure depression during that time. This drove her almost mentally insane. The only way she fully cured herself was by leaving her husband, home, child and going back to writing movements of their day. (Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Feminization of Education).
Gilman redefined womanhood of her time. She preached and declared woman to be equal to men, in all aspects of life, all around the
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