The Yellow Wallpaper By The Narrator

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In “The Yellow Wallpaper”, the narrator starts to realize things about the woman behind the wallpaper that she sees in herself. She can relate to the woman trying to get out and break free. She can hear the woman behind the wallpaper talking to her and it relates to her own personal thoughts, and this is why she feels obligated to help the woman escape from behind the paper. She claims to be drawn to this wallpaper, and the longer she stays in that room, the more she feels like she can clearly understand what the woman behind the paper is saying to her. The narrator also is using her illness as a crutch to not having to take care of her baby son. She has neglected her motherly duties and left the responsibility of raising him on her sister. She fails to realize that she will have to get better soon because her sister cannot continue to raise her son as her own, he needs his mother. Needless to say, she was not able to understand what had to be done in order for her to gain normalcy. None of the rehabilitation methods or prescriptions that her husband gave her worked. She ends up just as ill at the end of the story as when she first moved into the house. The narrator’s physical and mental imprisonment symbolizes the everyday struggles of women just looking for freedom within their opinion, their own minds, and representation of their being in a society that is orchestrated by the male figure. During this time period women had the lesser hand. Men were in charge of
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