The Yellow Wallpaper Conclusion

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In the story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman the narrator is looked at as a crazy person that is obsessed with this ugly wallpaper. Her husband and brother thinks that she's crazy so they put her in a large room where she is now living in because of her condition. The husband leaving her in there by herself with no socialization doesn't help better it if anything it just makes it worse. If her husband cared he wouldn't want her by herself or have to hide things from him along with letting her take painkillers every hour.

The narrator listens to everything that her husband tells her. He is a physician along with her brother. If both of them are telling her that she's crazy then she thinks that she might be. John puts his wife in a room to be left by herself with ugly wallpaper and no one to talk to. If her husband was “caring” about her he wouldn't let her be by herself in a room she
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“As soon as it was moonlight and the poor thing began to crawl and shake the pattern, I got up and ran to help her.” (Gilman 812) This goes to show that she thinks there's a lady stuck inside the wallpaper and she needs to help her get out of it.
If john actually knew what was going on with her he would get her off the meds and start interacting with her.

Overall the narrator doesn't have the right mindset, caused by her being loaded on pain killers. The narrator studied the yellow wallpaper so much because she had nothing else to look at or keep her entertained through the time that she was there. That's why she criticized every little thing about it and started seeing this woman inside of the wallpaper and thinking she needed to help her get out of it, when really no women was in there or trapped it was just her mind that caused her to
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