The Yellow Wallpaper Gothic Analysis

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In “The Yellow Wallpaper” Gilman makes use of a psychological horror story to criticize women’s position within the marriage’s institution, especially how it was normally practiced by the respectable social class of her time. In Gilman’s times women remained second class citizens on the basis of their rigid demarcation between women’s domestic functions and males as active workers. Her story emphasized that this treatment of women caused them to remain in an ignorant state and prevents their complete development. The position of narrator in the story is extremely important in this regard. The story’s entire theme revolves around her character and the significance of self-expression. It is also important to mention the connection between Gilman and the narrator. The psychological state of both women is quite the same. Their homes for them are a prison. The word ‘wallpaper’ is the projection of both women’s fears and is a symbol of the conflicting feelings about marriage…show more content…
The writing has a gothic style which is evident in the architecture of the house and also the room. Gilman clearly presents the gothic style from the very beginning of the story. The Gothic house signifies male power in all its oppressive and threatening aspect. The building the author has described is a “colonial mansion” and “a haunted house” (Gilman 83). This is typical of the Gothic literature. Gothic architecture is often old, haunted and decrepit. The grand mansion resembles a modern castle and gives off the air of loom, stuffiness and simply creepy. Though the house is not really haunted as said by the narrator, still she states that “there is something strange about the house,” (Gilman, 84). The castle also has a maze-like interior which “involves confrontation with mysteries whose ultimate unraveling signifies a self-discovery” (Davison 51). As it can be observed from the story, the house is a prison for the narrator whose master is her
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