The Yellow Wallpaper

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“The yellow wallpaper” was published in 1892 as part of Charlotte Perkins Gilman work. Its prominence is great because of its theme which sought to liberate women who at the time were dominated by their male counterparts. In the 1800’s women never enjoyed the privileges they do in the contemporary world but were greatly dominated by the patriarch society. By late 1800’s women had slowly and determinedly started to fight for their position, this was through literature and seeking positions that were previously looked at as a man’s privilege. It is their purposeful strive that has led to the current gains enjoyed by the modern woman. In this particular work “The yellow paper” Gilman explores gender roles in marriage and family, the…show more content…
She starts to take account of things around her, but slowly becomes obsessed with a wallpaper painting in her room. To her the wallpaper is yellow in color and everything else about it is also yellow including the smell (Gilman 8). It has scrawling patterns and parts of it have faded, she reasons the faded parts are due to her continuous brushing on the wallpaper. This is because she has noticed most of her clothes are stained with the yellow color around the shoulder line. Regarding the room, she believes it was once a nursery, due to the barred windows and thinks that it stopped being one because the children hated the place as much as she did. As days progress she notices that the wallpaper continues to fade, she also notices that the wallpaper produces different shades dependent on the illumination. Constant analysis of the wallpaper shows thrilling patterns and designs and she finally makes out a figure within those patterns (Gilma 9). The figure depicts a crawling woman; she is seeking refuge from her current prison characterized by bars and shadows. At this point her obsession with the painting has completely taken over; this coupled with the concern and need to free the woman leads her to stripping the wallpaper. She is aware that she has to do this in secret because if her husband realizes this, she may be given another diagnosis and the sister will not leave.

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