The Yellow Wallpaper : The Story Behind Jane 's Metamorphosis

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“‘The Yellow Wallpaper’: The story behind Jane’s metamorphosis” In her literary work “The Yellow Wallpaper”, Charlotte Perkins Gilman portrays the nineteenth century women subjugation by setting the narrator to be diagnosed with a mental illness. The narrator is then taken to a country house where she develops a special interest with the yellow wallpaper in the room her husband places her. In spite of her social status as a woman of the nineteenth century, Jane faces a major metamorphosis that consists on shifting from being repressed to being liberated from her repressive spouse; her transition is accomplished through the writing of her diary, her determination to find the symbolic meaning of the wallpaper, her recognition and rebellion against John’s male chauvinism, and finally her decision to destroy the wallpaper aiming at liberation of the woman trapped behind it. It is of true surprise that “The Yellow Wallpaper” parallels the story of Charlotte Perkins Gilman as she also suffered from a mental breakdown. In her effort to recover, Gilman turned to the foremost physician in the country, Weir Mitchell. She was subjected to his famous treatment “the rest cure” in which she was instructed not to do any physical nor intellectual efforts and to have as much rest as possible. Since Gilman was not able to see any results, in fact, her illness seemed to worsen, she decided to retake regular activities. Unexpectedly, returning to her normal life helped her to recover and,

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