The Yin And Yang Theory Intertwined With The Great Gatsby

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Gabrielle Maher Mrs. Vaughan English 1 24, February 2016 The Yin and Yang Theory Intertwined with The Great Gatsby The novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald ‘The Great Gatsby’ is one of the greatest novels of all time. “The novel exposes the hollow values of the Jazz Age, with its economic and social corruptions. It also turns on its ear the particularly American myth of the self-made man who achieves success through his integrity and plain hard work” (F. Scott Fitzgerald). This novel shows the effects that wealth can have which ultimately leads to the downfall of Gatsby. All the elements of this novel to the characters and the setting show how the 1920’s time was. Gatsby is one of the main characters and would not be who he is without the development of the other characters. None of the characters would be who they were without the other characters in this novel. The reason why this novel is developed so great is the characters. The characters play a huge role in the novel. The characters wouldn’t go together without the yin and yang theory. You might ask yourself how so diverse characters go together. As they say opposites attract which applies to the yin and yang theory because it explains how such different things attract. The yin and yang theory ties in with this novel because of the characters. Yin and Yang is an ancient Chinese philosophy that shows the perfect balance between two things. The yin and yang sign is considered an energy which keeps the concept flowing. It is two

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