The Yogurt Bar Business: An Executive Summary

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Executive Summary In the contemporary world, one of the most visible issues facing most of the developed nations is the link between diet and health. Medical doctors, scholars, researchers are all in agreement that there is a complete link between what we eat and drink, and the consequences to our overall health. One need only look in the newspaper, magazines, grocery store aisles, or pop-up ads to see thousands of ads for diet pills, diet aids, etc. one need only look at the increasing demographic of vitamin and supplement stores and offerings to see that American's are rabid for something to bring quick results and better health. Americans, in particular, are searching for health alternatives while still retaining their sweet tooth. For this reason, frozen-yogurt businesses provide an ample opportunity to succeed. Yogurt has fewer calories than ice cream, and can be made into fruit smoothies and other healthy beverages. Because of the tremendous marketing push from companies to make their products healthier, the frozen-yogurt business should focus on the benefits of healthy eating while still being able to enjoy tasty snacks. The Yogurt Bar business is designed to help people make healthy choices while still enjoying the various flavors and permutations of drinks and snacks. Our goal is to make people think of the alternative of yogurt not just because it has less sugar and is more healthy, but because it is tasty and a multi-seasonal treat. To accomplish this, The

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