The York Area Down Syndrome Association

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The York Area Down Syndrome Association (YADSA) is an association that supports families whose children have Down Syndrome. YADSA has partnered with York College of Pennsylvania for an incredible event where I had to opportunity to work with a student with Down Syndrome over two events. I worked with Kira, she is a high school student that is shy at first, but quickly comes out of her shell. She is a silly and outgoing person, who loves cheerleading, science, and Disneyworld.
Kira was engaged in the centers and normally finished early during both events. I would then ask her if she wanted to color more. If she said she was finished and did not want to color more, I would try to get to know her more. This was when we talked about school and Thanksgiving. I also asked her if she wanted to color on the back of her paper. I asked her to write her name or to draw a flower, which she seemed to enjoy. Kira was also very well behaved. She did color on her hand or try to rip paper at times, but when I gave her a warning she stopped.
Kira did not want to dance during the first or second session, so she sat down. At the second event, my partner and I were clapping along and Kira thought this was hilarious. Her laughing was getting out of control so we politely asked her to use her use her inside voice, so she did. Kira was quite independent; she fed herself, washed her hands, used her phone, colored, and wrote her name. Kira did need help getting her own food at dinner, so her mom
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