The Yoruba vs Christianity Essay

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There are many religions throughout the world today. Although there are several different religions, many individuals are not educated about the other beliefs besides there own. Religions today do have differences but are also very much the same. This is demonstrated between the religion of Yoruba, and Christianity. The Gods that the people in these religions worship are different but have the same purpose throughout the lives of each individual. Each individual’s purpose and goal in these religions also display similarities. Furthermore the rituals that are done throughout these religions are done for directions and to improve the relationship between the individual and their god. There are various differences and similarities between…show more content…
Christians also believe that they should pray for the evil deeds of humans and for the devil to be decreased in the Earth. In the Yoruba religion perverted humans populate the Earth. Christians believe that humans have been overcome by sin and that humans are not living the life that god has planned for them. The people of the Yoruba religion desire to have a good reputation and live a long life. Once these people have passed it is believed that with this good reputation they will gain a supernatural statues and become an ancestor, be worshiped by family members and live in heaven. Christians also have a goal to reach to heaven, this is done by living a life of compassion and without sin. Although Christians desire to go to heaven, they do not desire to be worshiped. These religions both have a goal to do well while on earth and then live an eternity in bliss.
The rituals that these religions perform are different but are all done to reach closeness or get direction from their god or gods. One of the Yoruba’s religions rituals is divination. A diviner does this ritual and is a priest that must be trained for years. Divination is a process where the future of and individual is revealed. Throughout the other rituals that are preformed in this religion a priest must be there to oversee the ritual. During rituals in the religion of Christianity priest are also
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