The Young Girl - Original Writing

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A once innocent young girl is now a carefree, rebellious woman who has gotten herself into quite a bit of trouble over the years. Although she usually has good intentions, my sister tends to make decisions that suddenly send her life into a downward spiral. People may wonder what happened to that sweet, blonde haired little girl that never got in trouble. Maybe it was witnessing her parents divorce, or her curiosity to try new things, either way, her personality, lifestyle, and choices reflect how damaged she really is. Chelsea, for the most part, has always been an outgoing person. While I was usually the shy one, she was the more sociable of the two of us. Chelsea would, and still will, talk to anybody, even strangers, about almost anything. She has always been a “live in the moment” kind of person. Growing up, Chelsea had a bubbly personality, but over the years I have watched her smile slowly fade away. What has caused her to become so broken? It all started with her parent’s divorce and went downhill from there. For the first seven years of her life, Chelsea had to watch her parents slowly drift apart because her father was very abusive to her mother. When Chelsea was six, her mother found out she was pregnant with another little girl, and decided it was finally time to take Chelsea and leave. It was at this time that her mother filed for divorce. Of course, after the long divorce process that lasted almost two years, they had to go through a
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