The Young Wise Memorial Plaza

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The Young-Wise Memorial Plaza creates a closely-knit community of the students, faculty, and alumni of Hendrix College who either support the soldiers who had fallen or enjoy the pastime sport of football. The plaza connects the memorials of Robert Young, who died in combat during World War I, and brothers Jeremy and Benjamin Wise, who died in separate actions during the war against Afghanistan, in an area that resembles a park. Young and the two Wise brothers were former Hendrix students who volunteered to fight for their country after they graduated. With the preservation of these histories, the plaza creates a connection between the past and present as the faculty and alumni of Hendrix continue to care for its students for over a century.
The Young-Wise Memorial Plaza is a small area behind the Wellness and Athletics Center and in front of the entrance to the Young-Wise Football Stadium of Hendrix College. The plaza is a small park with concrete pathways leading to the Young Memorial and Wise Memorial that are separate from each other. The Young Memorial, the oldest monument, is a marble statue of a World War I soldier that faces the front entrance of the stadium. The Young Memorial honors the lives of six soldiers who had fallen during World War I. At the front entrance of the football stadium are the two bronze monuments that make up the Wise Memorial. This memorial honors two soldiers who lost their lives in the war in Afghanistan. The men who died during the two…

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