The Young and the Digital

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The Young and the Digital

Many have been researching the various problematic assumptions and ideas of youth and the social media, but few have actually been able to prove that youth and technology could be helpful or harmful. S. Craig Watkins and Danah Boyd have accomplished the task of studying youth and social media, and have come to the conclusion that social media has given youth a different perspective on life. In The Young and the Digital article, we see many believe that technology has been shaping our kids. The question remains, whether the social media such as MySpace and Facebook are affecting the way teens ' and young people view racial classes?
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They are also more likely to be on Facebook rather than on MySpace. Children who live in low income households are more likely to watch more television and are more likely to be on MySpace than Facebook. When Hargittai interviewed a twenty-six year old, she said that MySpace is better than Facebook. His reason for this is that MySpace is more interactive than Facebook. When she interviewed a twenty- two year old communications major college student, he said that Facebook is more simple to use that MySpace. Jonathan, other interviewee, stated that “Facebook is for people who already have friends, and MySpace is for those people who are looking for friends"(Watkins 2009) Pierre Bourdieu, a well known sociologist, talks about social class and division, and states that social network sites are not the cause of social division. He believes that taste, values, lifestyle and manners are contributors to social division. Many are on the networking sites that they are on because they either feel safe or they get the privacy that they want. Bourdieu 's studies show that "...young Facebookers ' abandonment of MySpace is not simply about avoiding "bad code"; it is also about avoiding "bad people"(Watkins 2009). Eszter Hargittai a professor of communication studies focused much of her
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