The Younger Of Two And Were Living On William And The New Types Of Grains

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Zachariah was the younger of these two and was living on William 's farm. His life there would not be as harsh as his southern brothers in that the slaves of Missouri were encouraged to invent and innovate on the newly broken-in lands and the new types of grains. In addition, being biracial he would have been more trusted and hence had more significant contact with the whole of William 's family which by 1845 numbered 5 children. He also had slave brothers and sisters: 3 men, 2 women, 4 boys and 4 girls of which he was the third eldest at 9. As a slave Zachariah would typically have Saturday afternoons off but may have attended small fields owned by his fellow slaves in order to grow their own produce for themselves or profit. Given enough profit and with some luck they could buy their freedom. This is not to paint a rosy picture of young Zachariah 's childhood. He was property and was grimly listed as such in the 1840 and 1850 slave schedules. Slaves could not marry, smoke in public nor walk with a cane. Life expectancy was 22. Plus, throughout his childhood Zachariah could not attend school as that was made illegal in Missouri in 1847. Even the St. Louis steamboat school for black children on the Mississippi river was just too far away, even if he could get permission. He could have gotten some help from his white teacher ‘cousin ' Edmund but he was also just a few miles too far south. Hence, apart from his name, he would never learn to read or write. He did learn to be

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