The Youngest Doll

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Mason Lewis
Dr. Taylor
English 110
7, March 2014
The Youngest Doll

Throughout the year we have read many stories where reality and fantasy come into question. Once again we have this same problem with “The Youngest Doll”. What makes us question reality or fantasy in the story is the vivid description the author gives of the dolls that the aunt makes for the girls. With the description of the “wax mask of the child’s face” or the “porcelain of the hands and face”, it gives off the allusion that what may seem as a reality may in fact be a fantasy and it is that allusion that gives off the feeling of uncanniness. This is not the only theme that is displayed throughout the story, the others being “eyes”, as well as women being
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“There was only one thing missing from the doctor 's otherwise-perfect happiness. He noticed that, although he was aging naturally, the youngest still kept the same firm, porcelained skin she had had, when he had called on her at the big house on the planation pla·na·tion
The process of erosion and deposition in which a nearly level surface is produced, as by streams, wind, or ocean currents.

[Latin pl . One night he decided to go into her bedroom, to watch her as she slept. He noticed that her chest wasn 't moving. He gently placed his stethoscope over her heart and heard a distant swish of water. Then the doll lifted up her eyelids, and out of the empty sockets of her eyes came the frenzied antennae of all those prawns.”(page 249). This shows that once the dolls eyes were removed then the women that it was made for is now becoming the object and replacing the doll. When you consider something being an object you don’t consider it to be a human. When it comes to the husband the doll has no sentimental value to him, but when the doll goes missing you see in the story that he spends some time looking for the doll, “That night the doctor dug up all the ground around the house, but could not find the doll.” Many people could argue that the doll was so human like that the husband
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