The Youngest US President ever to Take Office

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John F. Kennedy was voted into office during the election of 1960. To date, Kennedy is the youngest person to be elected President. Surprisingly, at the start of the campaign, Kennedy was a long shot to win the Democratic nomination. Without a distinguished presence in the political world and the stigma of being Roman Catholic, Kennedy had a lot of ground to conquer. In not just politics, but society, religion is and was a controversial issue. Kennedy, who was Catholic, struggled against critics who were anti-Catholicism. It was often insisted that Kennedy would turn to the pope for orders and therefore run our country based upon the Church. Kennedy overcame this obstacle by reassuring voters he would not act according to the Church…show more content…
As a nation that is expected to be the leaders of other nations, he would not settle for second. In the case of exploring space, that was exactly where we were. The Soviet Union was far ahead of the United States in its space program. With Project Apollo, Kennedy was determined to play catch up and asked congress to invest more that twenty-two billion dollars into the project. The end goal was to have an American man on the moon before the end of the decade. Neil Armstrong was that man in 1969. Not only was the Soviet Union viewed as a threat with their space program being more advance, but they also had nuclear missile sites being built. An American spy plane secretly photographed evidence that both Cuba and the Soviet Union were building nuclear missile sites. President Kennedy remained collected and directed that a naval blockade was placed around Cuba which would prevent the Soviets from obtaining more military supplies. On the brink of what could have been a nuclear war, there was an agreement made, the Soviets agreed to dismantle their weapons sites in exchange for a pledge from the United States not to invade Cuba. Tension slowly began to lessen as time passed and the agreement remained respected. Another one of Kennedy’s problems he was confronted during Presidency was racial discrimination. In 1954 the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled that segregation in public schools would be no longer
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