The Youth And Anti Corruption

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1. Calls Upon the establishment of youth integrity camps worldwide to educate the youth on anti-corruption where these integrity camps will: A. Educate on the causes and consequences on corruption such as: i. Centralized political and economic power in the elite, ii. Poor social service systems; B. Teach the youth how to effectively fight corruption with their communities by promoting awareness of corruption within individuals, C. Instill an anti-corruption culture within the youth to: i. Alleviate corruption in their country, ii. Reduce cases of corruption; D. Be funded and managed through Transparency International (TI),

2. Encourages the implementation of the Corruption Awareness Program (CAP) within developing
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Governments to reform and improve services, ii. Better allocation of resources within government agencies, iii. Eradicate hidden service costs such as bribes; B. Empower citizens by allowing them to voice their opinion on corruption within the governments effectively: i. Creating more public awareness of corruption, ii. Allowing for reform to take place within the current system; C. Additionally address problems associated with corruption such as: i. Delivery of public services, ii. Quality and reliability of public services, iii. Lack of transparency in services; D. Provided and analyzed by the International Center for Policy Studies (ICPS),

4. Endorse nations adopt The Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS) within their state in which the goals of this systems include: A. Creating an effective way to eliminate corruption associated with money laundering corrupt management of funds by storing and processing information such as but not limited to: i. Listing all transfers of funds within the government, ii. Showing salaries for all government workers; B. Creating transparency within government payroll systems by: i. Not being able to modify or destroy information, ii. Automatic system so less likely to have errors, iii. Effectively finding ghost workers; C. Addressing challenges in manual payroll systems by eliminating salary delays, D. Bringing uniformity within the government by management of personnel
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