The Youth And Its Effects On Our Nation

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The idea that some of the youth in our nation are spending their formative years in confinement, and not obtaining a degree from harvard is detestable. These youth, who are spending a major part of their life in solitary, could potentially find the stepping stone needed to find a cure for cancer or find the antibody that could fight HIV/AIDS. One young lady from Michigan, currently living in solitary, tells her thoughts: [The cell] would … look like any other cell. You know, a box. There was a bed—the slab. It was concrete.… There was a stainless steel toilet/sink combo…. The door was solid, without a food slot or window…. It looked like a basement because all I could see was brick walls. There was no window at all … I couldn’t see a clock … the only way I really associated any kind of time—I broke down time: morning, afternoon, evening. I broke it down: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.… [I felt] doomed, like I was being banished … like you have the plague or that you are the worst thing on earth. Like you are set apart [from] everything else. I guess [I wanted to] feel like I was part of the human race—not like some animal. (Growing Up 22) A woman from Florida also discloses her thoughts: The only thing left to do is go crazy—just sit and talk to the walls.… I catch myself [talking to the walls] every now and again. It’s starting to become a habit because I have nothing else to do. I can’t read a book. I work out and try to make the best of it. But there is no best.
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