The Youth Of Today Are The Leaders Tomorrow Essay

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Let’s Define by Maturity, What was Made for Maturity “The youth of today are the leaders tomorrow”; this quote from Nelson Mandela is a widely known remark that encourages us to believe in our adolescents. America is a free and proud country that embraces that belief. Many laws and actions are taken into consideration for the adults and youth of our country. Re-evaluation of the U.S. system and laws, as long as deemed constitutional, is something society can thrive from. A neurological understanding of what maturity level humans are at by age would be beneficial to America, because the Juvenile Justice System treats adolescents with the same expectations of maturity differently state to state by age. To begin with the history, America’s Juvenile Justice System came to be in the 1800s when children as young as seven were tried as adults; due to the common law doctrine. There’s a vast maturity difference between adolescence and adulthood, this was the thought process that brought about need for the U.S. Juvenile Justice Systems. The intent of actions was considered different for children in crimes, than that of adults. The rehabilitation was thought to be more effective for children (Taylor and Fritsch 4). Linda J. Collier says in “Adult Crime, Adult Time”; “Proceedings in Juvenile Justice began in 1890 in Chicago, where the original mandate was to save wayward children and protect them from the ravages of society” (Collier 304). The juveniles are processed differently from

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