The Youth 's Participation Is Becoming The Topic Of Discussion Essay

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The voter turnout issue directed toward the youth’s participation is becoming the topic of discussion. There are many variables that come in play on why exactly the youth, specifically college students, are failing to make it to the polls. Most commonly the older generations look down on the millennials as lazy with no engagement toward the political process as a result for low voter turnout, but in reality, the youth are more involved than most, just at a different angle. Digital natives, those born between the years 1980-2000 also known as millennials are the first generation to grow up with technology, evidently are more engaged with just about everything via the internet. As a result of endless engagement especially the social media aspect, issues are addressed, discussions are debated and it allows everyone to virally collaborate. Social media includes the latest trends, breaking top news and of course, politics. If the millennials, more importantly college students are being bashed on for low voter turnout, then what can we do about it? What are the causes of this growing stigma among college students and is there a solution to overcome this issue?
On the discussion question from Maddie McGarvey 2016 New York Times Magazine article ‘Do College Students’ Vote Really Matter in an Election?’ Frank Luntz, a political consultant focuses on the ‘Snapchat Generation’ and its importance of the youth’s political engagement. He explores the relation social media and millennials

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