The Zailckas Smashed : A Story Of A Drunken Girlhood

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I decided to write my final paper on Koren Zailckas Smashed: A Story of a Drunken Girlhood. A memoir based on a young 14 year old girl who drinks for the first time with her friend Natalie before a birthday party. Her experiences with alcohol doesn’t stop there. We learn that she gets her stomach pumped at age 16, and at age 22, wakes up in an apartment in New York City unsure of where she is, because of alcohol. After this, she realizes that she has a problem and that she needs help. I chose this book as the topic of underage drinking and alcohol abuse is constantly rising in our society today. It is a problem that many youth kids are facing, and this book perfectly describes a young girls story about her addiction with alcohol and the many poor decisions she makes. The main reason why I decided to choose this book is because I can personally relate to a lot of the events that Zailckas goes through, and know how she felt in certain situations. The way she describes how she likes the way alcohol makes her feel, how each bar and drink can relate to different moods she’s in, or how good of a sleep she gets when she’s drunk because its such a deep sleep hit home, as I once have said those exact things. In the helping profession, I believe it is easier for a patient to open up to you if you have also experienced what they are going through. Being that I started drinking at a very young age, I can relate to my patients and help them to the best of my abilities and tell them my

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