The Zapruder Film

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I have always been fascinated with the story and conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I have read many stories, watched movies, and even heard eye witness accounts of that November day in Dallas, as my Father-in-Law was present during that historic event. While there are many questions still revolving around the actual events of that day, and while we may never know what truly happened, one piece of evidence seems to stand out above all others. The Zapruder film, as it is known, is almost always referenced when recounting the events of that day. I found this interesting article on how the film shaped many theories on the events surrounding the assassination. The following paper summarizes the article, “The Truth Was…show more content…
First, I find it amazing that a normal individual like you or me is, and forever will be, linked to one of the most historic events in our Nation’s history. Not only is he linked, but Zapruder’s film IS the unofficial story of the assassination and the one we all know to this day. Second, I find that this story and the film create an amazing parallel to the times that we live in today. People are glued to their phone and capture live footage of events constantly. These videos, like the Zapruder film, help shape the way we imagine and view such events like the Presidential campaign, terrorist events, and even recent weather catastrophes. Because of film, individual people are becoming part of history just like Abraham Zapruder. Also, I find it very interesting how Life magazine, like the way the media does to us today, truly wrote and owned the story of Kennedy’s assassination. Their coverage, despite evidence saying otherwise, is still considered what happened that day. Our media spins the truth constantly and is in more control of what we believe that we would like to admit. In terms of history, he who is behind the camera truly has the greatest
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