The Zero Tolerance School Policies

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Individual Synthesis Paper While working on this project, I have learned and contributed so much on the topic “zero tolerance school policies”. There are some important key concepts from the course that connect with my project that I will be discussing. I will also be talking about what it takes to be an ally and why we chose our ally. Considering a critical social theory lens is very important as well and I will be discussing this too. I learned so much from working on this project. To begin, I learned the history behind why zero tolerance school policies exist. These strict policies were created in response to the Columbine shooting. Essentially, they remove situational discretion from school officials and institute mandated minimum penalties that often include police involvement for drug, weapon, and violence offenses on school grounds. I now have a better understanding about how these policies work well for students who are not at all inclined to be a threat, but have little influence over students who want to bring great harm to others. I also learned in what ways zero tolerance policies effect students lives. These policies lead to increased rates of school dropout, discriminatory application of school discipline practices, and fuel the school-to-prison-pipeline. In addition, they reinforce students’ identities as “problem students” and limits student opportunity to learn. The factors that promote this are suspension, expulsion, citations, and arrests used to handle
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