The Zimpfer vs. Palm Beach County Case

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Zimpfer vs. Palm Beach County: The Zimpfer vs. Palm Beach County Case is a lawsuit filed by Mr. Bryce Zimpfer against Palm Beach County claiming an infringement of the age discrimination in the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Zimpfer has worked for the county's worker relations area for approximately 16 years i.e. since he was 52 years. Mr. Zimpfer applied for the position of employee relations manager as a vacancy in this position was advertised by the county. Following considerations and evaluation of all applications, Mr. Brad Merriman, aged 33 years was chosen by the county to fill the vacancy. As a result, Mr. Zimpfer filed a lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in which he hired an attorney, Ms. Lynn Szymoniak to follow his case. In her pursuit of the case, Szymoniak attempted to obtain a settlement with the legal representatives of Palm Beach County while equipped with a complimentary report from Dr. Mary Josephs, an I/O psychologist. Basis of the Lawsuit: As a 71-year-old employee who had worked at Palm Beach County government, Mr. Zimpfer claimed that he was denied a promotion to the position of employment relations manager because of his age (Kowalski par, 1). As a result of the alleged age discrimination, which was the basis of the lawsuit, Zimpfer attempted to collect $120,000 in damages from the county. Actually, Bryce Zimpfer stated that the county official's decision to hire Mr. Merriman was mainly based on his age, which denied

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