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The Zodiac Killer Works Cited Not Included In the late sixties and early seventies, California was haunted by dozens of unsolved murders. The offender remains unknown to this day. The murderer, who referred to himself as "the Zodiac," made contact with the police and area newspapers throughout his reign of terror through a series of menacing notes. Although the police were never able to apprehend Zodiac, they were able to gather information about him via the letters. Zodiac boasted of killing up to forty victims, however, police estimated he may have killed over 50. Due to the nature of Zodiac's letters and from witnesses police have a good idea of what Zodiac is like even though he remains at large. Given what is known about…show more content…
It is speculated that a violent relationship with his mother may have lead to his apparent hatred of women. Zodiac's first victim was Cherri Jo Bates. Although the murder was not attributed to Zodiac until 1970, she was murdered one day before Halloween in 1966. Like Zodiac's other victims Cherri Jo was a student. She lived with her father in Riverside, California and attended Riverside City College. She was a petite blond with blue eyes, although she was tan at the time of her death she had a light complexion. (Graysmith, 164) On the night of October 30th, Cherri Jo had gone to the school library to study. Authorities estimate that Bates arrived at the RCC library at about six o'clock PM. While Cherri Jo was studying the perpetrator removed the distributor coil from her engine, causing it to go dead. Police theorize when Bates found her battery dead, Zodiac offered her a ride. He drove her approximately seventy - five yards east at her car. He began choking her but Bates fought back. She scratched his face and was able to rip his watch off, which was later found by authorities. Between 10:15 an 10:30 PM a neighbor reported hearing a scream. Autopsies revealed that Bates had been kicked in the head. She had also been stabbed twice. She had cuts on her face and her jugular had been

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