The Zodiac Killer Project

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The Zodiac Killer Project The crime spree murders of the Zodiac killer is one of the greatest unsolved murdered cases of all time. The Zodiac’s murders took place from later 1960s, through to about 1972. Most of The Zodiac’s murders took place in Northern California. Some main areas where murders took place are Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa, and San Francisco, California. Two out of the four men that were attacked lived and three women out of the three were killed. The ages of the victims goes from 16 up to about 29 years of age. The Zodiac claimed he murdered 37 people in the letters he sent to the local newspaper. Investigators were only able to confirm seven victims, two out of these seven survived. The seven murders consisted of…show more content…
He then had Shepard tie up Hartnell and then he tied up the other victim and then continued to stab them repeatedly. The murder then walked 500 yards up to Hartnells car where he carved the Zodiac symbol on the car door. Beneath it was written "Vallejo/12-20-68/7-4-69/Sept 27-69-6:30/ by knife" (wikipedia). Later that day at around 7:40in the evening, the Napa County Sheriff’s Department got a call from the killer; he reported his most recent crime. The killer had called from a payphone, the phone was found hanging off the hook, a few minutes later at a Car Wash on Main Street in Napa. The car wash was 27 miles from where the crime had taken place but only a few blocks from the Sheriff’s Department and they were able to extract a wet palm print off the phone but couldn’t match the print to anyone. When sheriff’s department arrived they were able to fine Shepard conscious and she was able to provide them with a description of who attacked her. The victims were taken to Queen of the Valley Hospital but Shepard lapsed into a coma and passed away two days later, fortunately Hartnell survived the attack was able to answer question and respond to the press. On October 11, 1969, the Presidio Heights attack took place only two weeks later from the Lake Berryessa attack, a taxi driver, Paul Lee Stine, he picked up a passenger off of the intersection of Mason and Greary in San Francisco, California. The passenger asked to be taken to the intersection of

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