The Zoning Law Application Will Be Investigate And Apply By City's Chief Building Official And Committee Of Adjustment

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After enactment of zoning by-law any new by-law application will be investigate and apply by City’s Chief Building Official and Committee of adjustment. 1.2) The zoning designation for the subject is R4 which based on zoning by-law has definition regarding setbacks and boundary limitation for the building. 1.3) There is no land use control or restrictive covenant for the subject property. 1.4) The list of the main permitted and discretionary uses are as following: • Lot area • Lot frontage • Lot coverage • Height • Building depth • Floor area • Front yard setback • Rear yard setback • Side setback 1.5) The summary for the subject based on the zoning by-law is as below: Criteria-------------Max/Min----------------Subject…show more content…
A look at the former North York zoning by-law 7625 shows that the change of the by-law by the time such as height max was 8.8 m and changed to the 10m. Any variance from the requirements in the zoning by-law should be confirmed by the committee of adjustment in time of construction. 1.7) The zoning by-law has been changed based on the city requirements and feeling necessity on living space improvement. For example, fifty years ago, the most single family dwelling was constructed as bungalow with one bath, no garage and living area about 1000 SqFt, but the transition shows two storey dwelling with garage, more bathrooms and living area more than 3000 SqFt in the subject property area. The city is restricting to follow the requirements and any request to variance from requirements will take months to investigate by the committee of adjustment, therefore most builders interesting to meet the requirements. 1.8) This section helped to learn more about zoning by-law and how the construction in the city is under control. 2.1) The highest and best use is defines by Appraisal Institute based on Canadian Uniform standard,12.34.1 as following: “The reasonably probable legal use of vacant land or an improved property that is physically possible, appropriately supported, financially feasible, and that results in the highest value”. There are four criteria for highest and best use test as below: • Physical
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