The Zoo Hypothesis

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Possible Solutions Quarantine We really don’t know anything about what kind of life may be out there. There is no way of knowing if other civilisations would even welcome contact with us. It would be completely reasonable to suggest that maybe they are lying low, hoping we don’t ever notice them. After all, we could be hostile and a threat to them for all they know. Once we have located them, they may feel that it is possible we could come to visit, bring advanced weaponry and possibly even diseases, contaminating their planet (AstroBioWeb). I believe this is an unlikely scenario, as I think it would be highly unlikely for us to cross such a large distance (if it was even possible sometime in the future) simply to attack or try to colonise a planet that has nothing to do with us. The Zoo Hypothesis This hypothesis was posed by John Ball in 1973 (Ball, 1973). It basically states that we are being observed by one or more civilisations for scientific purposes, or even as a novelty. It that was the case, they would not want to disturb our natural behaviour and environment. This would suggest that they are far more advanced than us, and see us as the equivalent of perhaps apes at best. They might even regard us as being an endangered species, considering our slowly declining environment and general hostility towards each other. This solution is of particular concern. If this is truly the case, what would happen if we were successful in achieving interstellar travel, thus

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