The Zoo Is One Of The Best Thriller Theme

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The Zoo is one of the best thriller theme-book written by James Patterson. The plot of the story will take the readers for a wild ride from beginning to the end. Zoo fits into the theme of thriller, because of its exciting, suspenseful and thrilling adventure of the characters who’s trying to survive the attack of animals gone mad. Patterson gives out a theory of how our technological-advance world is affecting the behaviors of the animals. Whether it’s the global warming or humans-intrusion on their habitat. It’s a mystery on why these animal behaviors changes drastically to the point of rising up against humans and hunting them for food. According to the book, different types of animals from land, air and water decided to take revenge on humans. For humans to defend themselves will be quite difficult when animal attacks are coming from everywhere. If the lion doesn’t kill you, a group of killer ants will definitely mark your end. It’s not only thrilling to read, some part of the book tells of gruesome killing of the human victims by the animals. Some of them travel in a group when launching an attack. They will fight for a prey when there’s only one to be share with rest of the group. The only way to survive is to fight back or hide somewhere they can’t follow. A question of will any of the main characters survive or will all them perished. Or what is really going with the animals that made them insanely vicious to humans? One main character that truly

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