The Zoo Story by Edward Albee

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Edward Albee and his play of The Zoo Story is set on a bench located in New York City famous Central Park. This bench is the setting throughout the entire play as various topics are discussed. You first meet character Peter a clean cut man, who is sitting alone at this bench reading a paper while smoking on his pipe. Albee only gives a brief characterization on who the character is, but does not give you any background information of his life. This is because you find out more information throughout the play during the conversation between Peter and Jerry. Jerry is a carelessly dressed man who represents a lower social class and just trying to have conversation with people at the park. Jerry makes it known that he has just come from the zoo and finds Peter in central park and decides that he is the person that jerry wants to talk to. As the conversation begins between Jerry and Peter you can see that Peter is uninterested in anything that Jerry has to say. After awhile of Jerry just trying to talk and get a reaction from Peter, we finally get a response with peter correcting a word that Jerry mispronounced. This tells us and gives Jerry the knowledge that Peter is an educated man, and opened the gate of communication between the characters. Jerry is extremely judgmental and telling Peter that he will get cancer from smoking and trying to get a response anyway that he could. He also questions Peter manhood when Peter explains his family consisting of a wife and two
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