The Zoot Riots Of WWII

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WWII was by far the biggest devastation involving deaths due to war. With 60 to 80 million deaths, WWII was one of the worst chapters in American history. At first the United States thought that Europe’s conflict could be obtained and kept within the country. So the US did not react as quickly as we now know they should have. Japan was a country that went on a short power trip which later would cause the United States to get involved with WWII. Japan wanted regional domination, and in completing this mission they took it a step too far. Japan wanted to take over Dutch East-Indies and British Malaya for their oil-rich resource. The US wouldn’t go down without a fight. Knowing this, Japan decided to try to have the upper and by plotting to attack Pearl Harbor. On December 8, 1941, Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. The morning after the Pearl Harbor attack the United States officially declared war on Japan. Entry 2 What were the “Zoot Suit" Riots of 1943? First of all, zoot suits were a jazz inspired outfit that consisted of high waisted wool trousers with loose long-tailed suit coats worn by mostly the Hispanic race. This attire gave people who wore them a bad reputation as someone who commits crimes. These riots occurred during WWII between Mexican American youth gangs and sailors and policeman that were stationed near the city. June of 1943 is when the “Zoot-Suit Riots” started taking place. After many street fights between the zoot-suits and white soldiers, there
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