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Some 600 million people worldwide have disabilities, reports the International Labor Organization, and many still struggle with acquiring and maintaining gainful employment. Individuals with disabilities are at disproportionate risk for unemployment and extremely prone to living in poverty, according to The International Labor Organization. The major contributing factors of this employment challenge can be attributed to the disadvantages a disabled person faces in the workplace, as well as the struggles employers make to accommodate these workers’ disabilities. What is largely misunderstood is that the advantages of hiring a disabled person can largely outweigh the disadvantages. Some of the major advantages of hiring disabled…show more content…
Individuals with disabilities represent an untapped candidate pool for businesses. To counter the effects of the aging and shrinking workforce, recruiting and retaining people with disabilities is an excellent approach. Here are some staggering statistics to be considered: In Massachusetts the estimated number of adults (aged 16 to 74) with disabilities is more than 500,000, or approximately 11 percent of its’ state population. Of that number, only 30 percent of people with disabilities are employed compared to 74 percent of people without disabilities. Statistics also show that more than 15 percent of people in Massachusetts hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher; and an additional 23.3 percent have completed some college, showing that employees with disabilities can help businesses succeed by: offering fresh ideas about solving problems, accomplishing tasks and implementing strategies, and often provide businesses with an inside advantage to an expanded customer base. Although disabilities sometime mean that an employer may not be able to work at a pace comparable to other employees. For example, it may take longer for someone with a physical disability to move equipment, while someone with a mental disability may take longer to read and interpret documents. This may sometimes make a difference in jobs where the ability to keep pace affects

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