The affects of new technologies in international communication

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Question Three: Analyse and assess the effects new technologies like online social media have on international communication. Within the past 20 years there has been a rapid change and update in technology. In comparison to how machinery, computers and other functions were in 1990 to now 2014 is completely different. Along with this there are many pros and cons in terms of the affects new technology can have on the future. One main thing is also the development and involvement of the public sphere and how that can play an integral role when dealing with international communication globally. One further issue is how computer-mediated communication is used and the impact it can have in education, Technology is rapidly expanding,…show more content…
Furthermore, it can lead to loss of interaction between two people, finally resorting to communication between robotics, machines and humans. Although, majority of the population would argue that the improvement of technology is exponentially a positive viewpoint and will always be seen as better than past technology. Social media plays an integral role when it comes to the community, one of the main social networking sites which links to this are Facebook and Twitter, the two most well-known. This can help to support the progress the development of an international and a national public sphere. A national example is when the new Australian prime minister was being announces and candidates Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott were competing against each other. Throughout almost the entire program (this includes both before and after the decision was announced) at the bottom of the screen, viewers were encouraged to make a comment using social networking website, Twitter using a specific hashtag for the message to be generated onto the television program. This is seen as a positive way to involve the community and for someone to have their five or so seconds in the limelight, regardless though it is developing a national public sphere. However, this public sphere can also be hindered because of the use of social media. Within minutes that something is announced somewhere in the world, it can be virally known to all just
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