The benefits of preschool Essay

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Everyone has his or her own first day of kindergarten experiences. Some might have been more memorable while others still trying to forget. Mine was merely an observance and evaluation period. After I gave my mother a kiss goodbye, and placed my belongings in the cubbyhole I was ready to learn, but unfortunately the majority of the other students were not. Considering one can not get too accomplished over many loud high-pitched cries, I was forced to be patient and suffer silently from boredom.
Preschool is a beneficial tool for children because they learn social skills and gain an appreciation at an early age for the education system. The prefix “pre-“ means before or prior to. Preschool education refers to
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Not only did these findings lead to an increase in the number of schools but also now there are over eight million enrolled between the ages of three and five (Boyer 47).
I believe that group work better introduces the material and leaves a lasting impression for most people. Preschool provides a place where children can meet new friends and learn to get along with other children on an individual basis, and group (Kranyik 92). Taking turns to do things, exchanging ideas, and learning to cooperate with others are important qualities. They are able to be in a safe environment rich in learning and play experiences, supervised by an adult. A preschool gives children endless opportunities to practice speaking. Teachers involve them in storytelling, creative dramatics, and other experiences that will teach them new words and offer a chance to communicate with eachother. Preschools are spacious enough to allow a lot of movement and play indoors and out. The teacher encourages children to be more independent of adults by providing them with choices. They are able to choose what they will do and for how long. They are responsible for materials and their own behavior within the limits of the teacher. Children learn social, interaction, and manners in
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