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1.0 Description of the Company The Body Shop International PLC (The Body Shop,TBS), founded by Anita Roddick in UK and opens her very first shop in Brighton in 1976 . TBS is a multinational company which mainly producing natural inspired ethically skin and body care product solely made by 100% organic and against animal testing. TBS headquartered in London, UK. The company offers its products under various categories such as cosmetics and beauty, bath and body, hair and gifts, products for men to home fragrance. It has more than 2700 outlets in 66 countries, selling more than 1200 products which those ingredients get from all over the world through fair trade . TBS is the first international cosmetics products recognized by…show more content…
Besides, Missha and TFS deal to enhance the product level, both have many flavors of products can be choose and they strongly emphasize on their naturally. The product of TBS offers the same benefits that Missha and TFS had. Difference between that is TBS create the values makes consumers be humanity and create harmonious world through their organic, cruelty-free products. 2.3 Consumers Market segmentation use to divide a large market into small markets that can develop company’s product and service to a specific group of consumer, including geographical, demographical, psychographical and behavioral. Then, have to go through market targeting and market positioning which are consists of a set of buyer who share common needs that the company decides to serve and a place that product occupies in consumer’s mind relative to competing products. Geographical, TBS has more than 2700 outlets stores in 66 city, state and countries. Demographical, TBS had segmented their product to young female generation between 18 to 25 ages, but now TBS has developed the products for men. TBS has set their products at mid-range price. In European, Asia and US market, 90% of consumers are demanding to medium-low priced products. For India it was targeting only
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