The bully

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1. Bullies always want to fight, hurt somebody or getting trouble to their victims. They don’t acting like a good person or friendly and it’s just for fun for them.
2. I remember there was a bully guy in my childhood. He always absurd fear to his victims. In my opinion he will not change because of his family and other bullies friends. Also his parents were really dangerous too.

3. The setting of the story is takes place in one of the city in Canada , 20th century. The story starts at the school and end in the battle.
4. The point of view is first person narrative. The narrator was 7 years old and he lived close to his school.
5. I feel sorry for Aubrey. It’s really hard
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10. (Universal) In the short story, “ The Possibility of Evil” by Shirly Jackson suggest how Miss Strangeworth can cause the opposite of what they intended by meddling. ”The Possibility of Evil” made me think about how people can be two-faced. The town where she lived had to be kept clean and sweet, so she thought people everywhere were evil and needed to be watched. She didn’t like her neighbors and she wrote bad letters for her neighbors, also she acted like a good person and she didn’t want to the neighbor deciphered her. I have seen this same situation before because of the evil within ourselves. The two-faced people won’t be deciphered because they know if the people learn what they doing, they will not like them anymore. I love how the short story show us what we should know. I find upsetting is that the evil within people never end.


1. The children of divorced parents might develop a negative view of relationships. The children will imitate their parents for relationships. Also they will not doing serious relationships because they learn that how to do from their parents.
2. (a)Time: The time in the short story is 20th century.
(b)Place: The place in the short story is at Wasagaming.
(c)Atmosphere: The divorced parents can affect their children relationship. 3.
Name of main characters /3
Relationship to other characters /3
The part
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