The child by tiger

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One reason why the story, The Child by Tiger, is so plausible is because of the story’s setting. The physical setting that the author has portrayed helps you fully understand the emotions that his character are feeling. In 1912 the blacks had little to no rights, they lived in little shacks that had no electricity or nearly enough room in them for every family member that occupied the shack. They had one communal phone that was located in the only grocery store they had, they had a drugstore, barber shops and poolrooms. Everything was located on Gulley Street, which was almost like Broadway to the African Americans. Gulley Street then turned into South Dean that lead to the Square on the white side of town. The town square was…show more content…
Before the second swing, Prosser 's eyes become red again, but he holds himself back. The third time Prosser 's eyes become red he is once more at the mercy of white people. It occurs when the white boys find Prosser 's rifle in his room. When Prosser discovers them in his room without permission, he stands above them with small red eyes. Although the boys could reveal the crime in which Prosser was in for his illegal firearm, he manages to bribe the children with talk of taking them out after Christmas and teaching them to shoot. That same evening, a suspicious chain of events brings about the third and final stage in Prosser’s change. With Prosser’s cat like reflex, he was able to sneak out without anyone noticing, to go see Pansy Harris. Or, at least that is what the town thought and then was proved later when the first chain of events started. Pansy Harris’s husband comes home to find Prosser in his home, but it wasn’t till a little time after that when a fight broke out. Pansy ran across the street to the only phone to call the police, but as she got back, Prosser killed her husband and locked them in the shack. What was first thought of revenge on a fellow black man has now escalated into a crime when Prosser shoots Sam Willis, a white man, when he kicked in the door to Pansy’s shack. Prosser then continues on his rampage, killing anyone who comes in his way, which happened to be a mob of white men. As if protecting himself,
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