The classification of Israel as a state in the Middle East in 1948 saw dispute between Israelis and

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The classification of Israel as a state in the Middle East in 1948 saw dispute between Israelis and Arab nations increase which led into wars. The USSR and USA who were currently involved in the cold war saw the dispute in the Middle East as an opportunity to get involved and spread its ideas. However these wars were mostly affected by the nationalism of Israelis and Arabs. Soon after the declaration of Israel the 1948 war broke out, this was due to the fact Arabs could not accept that Palestinians would have to share ‘their land’ with Jews, so as a way to get rid of Israel they attacked them. However Israel won the war and from this Arabs believed that Israel had received loans from the USA, which is true but it wasn’t to aid them with…show more content…
Thus Israel after being provoked by the Arab nations for a long time now decided to attack Israel. USA sided with Israel and USSR sided with Arab states, however neither of these superpowers wanted direct involvement and both opted to side with the UN’s call to ceasefire, however Israel didn’t ceasefire and within 6 days they were victorious and gained 400% territory including Golan heights and Sinai peninsula. Due to this things got worse and it saw the superpowers get even more involved as they start supplying arms to their sides, USSR had a friendship Treaty with Egypt. The Middle East had now become a focus for superpower rivalry. The Arab states prepared for another war, with the aid of the USSR, USSR supplied arms to Egypt and Syria meanwhile the USA were still supplying aid to Israel and pro-West countries as they were concerned about the growing influence of the USSR in the Middle East. However new Egypt president Sadat got rid of Soviet advisors but still went on and attacked Israel on Yom Kippur. In this war Israel got direct military assistance from the US and this saw the US became Israel’s biggest arms suppliers. The USSR offered Egypt to send soviet troops but US replied by putting their nuclear forces into stage 3 alert, this was the first sight of direct superpower conflict. Israel got the upper hand in the war but USA wanted to avoid the Egyptians getting humiliated and
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