Essay on The culture of Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital

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Chapter Supply-Chain Management Discussion Questions 1. Supply-chain management is the management of the activities that procure raw materials, transform them into intermediate goods and final products, and deliver the products to customers through a distribution system. 2. The supply-chain function’s role is to help identify the products and services that can best be obtained externally; develop, evaluate, and determine the best supplier, price, and delivery for them. 3. The objective of logistics is to obtain efficiency of operations through the integration of all material acquisition, movement, and storage activities in the firm. 4. Table 11.3 identifies types of supply-chain risk: Supplier failure Logistics and distribution…show more content…
17. The Supply Chain Council had developed a model, the Supply-Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, that is an effort to identify the best practices, process, and metrics in the supply chain. Ethical Dilemma There may be no easy solutions to this dilemma that will satisfy all parties involved. Several points seem particularly relevant:  Framing the issues in terms of short-run cost vs. long-run reputation may add focus to the discussion. Even if the firm is convinced that continuing to offer work for these underaged girls provides the best alternative for them, it may be impossible to effectively relay that message to the general public. Moreover, can one company affect what it deems to be positive change in another culture halfway around the world? Or will the firm simply lose out to the rest of the competition that is cutting corners and following local practices? Should the firm make a distinction between how it treats boys vs. girls vs. adults? Facing a similar situation in Bangladesh, Levi Strauss part-nered with contractors to continue paying the kids but let them attend school, with the promise of a job upon reaching age 14. It’s likely that such tactics would be costly in the short run, but if publicized correctly, the public relations impact might provide significant revenue benefits in the long run. Students might generate other creative responses, such as providing onsite educational opportunities.  This may also be great time to
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