The current Economic Situation in SA, India and Germany

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Table of contents 1. Introduction Error: Reference source not found 1. Introduction 1 2. Discussion 2 Fig. A.9 in Appendix A indicates the gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) and gross savings for SA, IN and GE for the period 1995 to 2020. The main resources employed by and entrepreneur are: Raw Materials; Labour and Capital. Capital can be in the form of machinery, equipment, buildings and anything used in the production of goods and services. The spending on capital within a country leads to the production of more goods and services as well as increasing the variation in goods and services i.e. developing new markets. This expenditure in due course leads to economic growth. Over the period 1995 to 2005, in comparison to GE and…show more content…
Inequality in IN is still a problem and we predict moderate improvement in HDI but until there is a fundamental change especially in inequality between gender IN is unlikely to exceed 0.6 on the HDI scale before 2020. 13 3.Conclusion 14 4.References 15 Appendix A 1 1. Introduction This assignment presents a range of economic variables from 1995 to present day and then extrapolates these variables to 2020. The economic variables are presented on three countries: South Africa (SA) India (IN) Germany (GE). The assignment explains trends and reasons for changes including the interrelationships between the economic variables, the countries presented, global economic forces and other socio-political economic factors within the specific country being described. SA is an upper-middle-income, emerging market economy and has been so for over 50 years. SA has an abundant supply of natural resources and a diversified well developed economy which boasts a service sector which accounts for more than 65% of total economic activity. SA has shown impressive GDP growth since it was welcomed back onto the international stage after spending many years in economic isolation from the rest of the world. SA has a functional
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