The death of a child is the most devastating loss a parent can ever experience. When a parent

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The death of a child is the most devastating loss a parent can ever experience. When a parent losses a child, something in the parents die too. The loss not only destroys the parents’, but also leaves an emptiness that can never be filled. The expectations and hopes of a future together are all just a dream now. Burying your child defies the natural order of life events: parents are not supposed to bury their children, children are supposed to bury their parents. Their life is forever changed and will never be the same. The parent not only mourns the loss of the child, but also mourns the loss of their child’s future. Parents will often visualize what their child could have been when they grew up or think about all the potential they had.…show more content…
The following literature reviews attempt to demonstrate and support the hypothesis
Literature Review Song et al. (2010), in their study on the long-term effects of a child’s death on parents, proposed that bereaved parents when compared to other parents show emotional distress, frequent psychiatric hospitalizations higher mortality and excessive stress on the parent’s martial relationship. Also, in the study it was determined there was lasting effect of the child’s death on the parent. According to Song et al. (2010), 18 years after the death of a child the parents were more likely to experience more health problems than other adults their age. The parents also associated themselves with feeling “lasting grief”. In general, it appears that bereaved parents go through longer periods of grief than most people those who have lost loved ones that were not their children.
When a child dies the parents are left with extreme difficult challenges. Bereaved parents often experience intense enduring pain (Wing, Armistead & Burge- Callaway, 2001). And often leads to the most complicated grief one can think of (Znoj & Maercker, 2010). There is limited support from medical professionals, leaving most parents to rely on each other for support. In regards to the parent’s surroundings, parents may also experience problems with their community. Friends and family of the parents may have a hard time fully understanding the loss of the child and to what extent of grief the family is
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