The ecology of Pizza Essay

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Bill Cunningham English 199 Dr. Walters January 16, 2014 Pizza is a food that Sandra Steingraber associates with happiness. She explains how pizza jogs her memories of birthday parties and sleepovers. However, her goal of writing this piece was not to educate the reader about her love for pizza, but to draw the reader into the piece of writing so she can give support for why organic food is better than conventional. The reader is able to connect with Sandra Steingraber with personal stories about her life and the happiness that pizza has given her. She is able to tell stories of college, becoming a mother, and even feeding her own children pizza. After she tells stories of how the pizza makes her happy, she remembers…show more content…
Further, she starts to say that the biggest difference in the money spent on conventional than organic is milk. She is able to use facts that say that organic makes about nine dollars more than convectional per a hundred pounds. However, she continues by saying there have been studies that explain that conventional way of farming causes miscarriages, low sperm counts, premature birth, and birth defects. While conventional is cheaper than organic, however it saves peoples lives in the long run. She is able to use sources time and time again to support her argument. Mrs. Steingraber would make claims of the differences between wheat flour, olive oil, tomatoes and garlic; the ingredients of pizza. Indeed most of the conventional being cheaper time and time again, but she explains the differences and the way the ingredients are being treated. In conclusion for her argument with why organic is better, she continues to say how she wants to make not only the farming community better, but help save the ozone layer, prevent cancer, and protect drinking water. Her final thought is that the total cost of pizza organic is six dollars and eighty-five cents. While conventional is four dollars and fifty cents, she wants to leave with the thought of would you want to sacrifice your health for a pizza that is two dollars cheaper? Her strategy of making the point for organic food was very consistent

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