The enthalpy change of combustion for the alcohol homologous series.

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I am going to investigate the enthalpy change of combustion for the alcohol homologous series. I will investigate how alcohols with increasing number of carbons affect the enthalpy change when an alcohol goes under combustion.

The energy that alcohols release when being used is called the enthalpy change of combustion. This is defined as

"Standard enthalpy change of combustion, is the enthalpy change when one mole of a substance burns completely in oxygen under standard conditions (298K, 100 KPa and 1 Molar) with all products in their standard state" (Collins advanced Chemistry)

Enthalpy is the total energy content of the reacting materials. Enthalpy is given the symbol H. the only was to measure enthalpy is the measure the change in
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Altogether there will be 3 sets of data to analyse: -

Theoretical: - these values will be obtained from the Nuffield Science Data book. I will use various bond energies that are in the data book and work out the amount of energy that is required to break the bonds for each alcohol. These values are important as they will give me an indication of how good my results are and how accurate I hve been.

Calculated: - these will be obtained straight from the data book.

Experimental:- these will be the results that I obtain myself from conducting the experiment myself.

Required Definitions/Relevance

This is a list of he relevant definitions required for this coursework.

§Activation Energy - Energy barrier, which must be surmounted before reaction, can occur - this will be relevant to the combustion of the fuels.

§Calirometer- Vessel used to measure enthalpy change

§Exothermic reaction - where heat energy is transferred to the surroundings and the enthalpy change is negative as the reactants have lost energy - all of the reactions will be exothermic

§Endothermic reaction - where energy is absorbed from the surroundings and the reactants gain energy and the enthalpy change will be a positive value

§Functional group- an atom or group of atoms which gives rise to an homologous series. Compounds in the same homologous series show similar chemical

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