Analysis Of Dave Eggers A Heartbreaking Genius

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The essence of a memoir is to look back at one's experience, and see how they have developed and matured.

The essence of a memoir is to look back at one's experience, and see how they have developed and matured. This is no different in Dave
Eggers fictitious memoir, A Heartbreaking Story of Staggering Genius.
To explore what has changed a person it is important to look at what most of the person's time was spent doing. In Dave's situation, there is no shadow of a doubt, at the age of 22, his life revolved around the security and well being of his little brother Christopher (Toph).
To completely comprehend Eggers growth and maturity, it is essential to analyze his relationship with his little brother Toph. Father,
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Toph and I will cook as usual." (p.106).

This is the first time in the book where Dave slips out of his facade, and shows the sadness his feels from being stripped of his life.

Dave's depression of the life 'that could have been' , turns into a dependence of Toph. Though only 10 years old (relatively), Toph is
Dave's best friend. Dave becomes very worried about Toph and what will happen to him, especially if Toph is taking from Dave.

"I worry for us. I worry that any minute someone - the police, a child welfare agency, a health inspector, someone - will burst in and arrest me, or maybe just make fun of me, shove me around, call me bad names, and then take Toph away, will bring him somewhere where the house is kept clean, where laundry is done properly and frequently, where the parental figure or figures can cook and do so regularly, where there is no running around the house poking each other with sticks from the backyard." Dave is now starting to worry, he wants to be a parent, but he doesn't feel like he is capable. This becomes even more important after he starts "Might" Magazine. He spends whatever $10,000 he has left of the inheritance on the production of the 'twenty something' satirical periodical. This leaves Toph and Dave with little money for housing.
Their struggle to find a home really is one of those points where it is questionable weather they will survive.

Somewhat remarkably they do. As Toph enters middle school you see a
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