The events of the 1930’s, or the Great Depression, did the most to influence contemporary America.

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The events of the 1930’s, or the Great Depression, did the most to influence contemporary America. During the twenties, America was at its most prosperous economic times until the stock market crashed in 1929. The stock market crash led to a dramatic decline of the U.S. economy. The decline in the economy changed Americans everyday lives. In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president and he created the New Deal to provide relief, recovery and reform. The Depression impacted America in the 1930’s in every aspect of life and still impacts America today. Although contemporary America was shaped by many events that occurred in the 20th century, America was most influenced by the 1930’s because of legislation that improved daily life…show more content…
The longest lasting effect of the depression and New Deal was how the role of the government had expanded. The effects of the Depression during the 1930’s still impact America today. The New Deal was passed to rebuild the economy after the Great Depression. William L. Niemi and David J. Plante discussed the meaning of the new deal to our economy today, “Under the New Deal regime there were more labor rights, less Supreme Court intervention in the economy, more public accountability in the structure of financial institutions driving the political economy, and a more equitable distribution of wealth”(Plante, Niemi, 413-427). Franklin Roosevelt created the New Deal, which was his plan to take America out of the Depression. He had three goals: relief, reform, and recovery. The New Deal set up policies that help us prevent future economic depressions and achieve long-term recovery. Policies that still stand and affect our economy today are the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The SEC today still regulates the stock market and enforces laws that protect the industry. The SEC was used to restore the nations confidence in the economy after the Depression. The FDIC is an important part of America’s financial system. The FDIC was part of the Banking Act of 1933. The FDIC insures banks with a certain amount of money to make it a safer place to put your money in. Roosevelt
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